Perl is a powerful script that is often used on CGI scripts. It is a good replacement for SED/AWK script as it provides better functionality. Unfortunately, most servers do not allow Perl on their server, therefore, if you had it incorporated on your website, it might not be able to work on your chosen platform.

When choosing a server provider, clarify whether they accept Perl/CGI script so as to be guaranteed that you are not going to experience serious problems once you start moving your data on the chosen server. There are a few that accepts the script, but you need to do thorough research through speaking to their customer support representative so that you can get the maximum benefit of their server without sacrificing the quality and responsiveness on your website.

What are the benefits of Perl compared to other programming language?

  1. Perl efficiently works on whatever your chosen platform is. With that, it is safe to say that it is more portable compared to C programming language.
  2. Most of the modules associated with Perl are offered for free, either through artistic license or general public license.
  3. If you are into TEXT and STRING manipulation, Perl is way simpler and more effective.
  4. We all know all the benefits of other programming languages. Through proper usage and execution of Perl, you can combine all these benefits just by using one language.
  5. Adjustment on memory allocation is simpler on Perl. You can up- or downsize the allocation through just a few edits on the script.

Perl is undoubtedly a good programming language. With its array of benefits, developers exert their best in mastering it, especially with the fact that there are only a few ones who know how to appropriately use it.

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